Simple Living in rural Ecuador

Our house in the middle of our street our house ..

Adobe House Vilcabamba Ecuador

Except that there is no public street as such, just our private driveway with comfortable car access

Our house in Vilcabamba

Not even the sight of a street

Our house in Vilcabamba

All natural, made out of earth blocks (adobe) and with a thatched roof

Our Adobe house in Vilcabamba

Made with our homemade Adobe blocks

Adobe House - Rio Uchima - Vilcabamba Loja Ecuador

The painting is a mixture of natural minerals with water and a touch of white glue

Our Adobe house in Vilcabamba

For the roof we use sugar cane leaves

Sugarcane leaves thatched roof

and bamboo that we cut in the fields nearby

Great place for a “Thatched Meditation”

Thatched Meditation

It is a world of colors and pure air. Sunsets are beautiful almost every day.

Awinima sunset

Vilcabamba a world of colors and pure air

We are surrounded by beautiful forests

There is a lot of beauty for those who can appreciate small things

Or bigger things

We enjoy doing simple things

We enjoy doing simple things

We don’t need to go to the gym and run on a machine while watching TV

Simple living in Vilcabamba

Healthy exercice

Our transport is extremely basic

Our daughter grows happy and healthy

Our daughter grows happy and healthy

Developing a sense of sharing

Well fed

We enjoy fresh food

We enjoy fresh food

From the vege garden whenever possible

From the verge garden whenever possible

Round is always better, these are our plans duly approved by the City Council of course 🙂

House Cutanapamba plans

This is how our 10 year old painted it

Our house in the mddile of our street

On a sunny day, this is paradise

On a sunny day

Our house in Vilcabamba Ecuador

It never gets too hot inside because the Adobe insulates you and it never gets too cold either

Adobe house freshness inside

On the boundary flows the pristine Uchima river

Uchima River

Water is cold but after a while one gets used to it and can relax totally

Water is cold but after a while one gets used to it and can relax totally

We don’t mind a little bit of risk

Lily machette

We build to the highest standards

We DIY build to the highest standards

Using advanced state of the art techniques…

The finished house extension

It is good to spend time in the hummocks

We have a spring and enjoy pure water “on tap”, we don’t shower in chlorine

We care for the future

But sometime we forget our keys inside the house

We want to grow to be better and wiser people

We want to connect and reconnect with nature

We know that one has to earn things

But the reward often exceeds the expectations

We don’t need electronic gadgets to keep us entertained

We always work with a smile

And we take the time to take the time

Being here and simply being is all that matters

Being together is an important thing

We like to see and feel and touch

In essence, people are happy here in Ecuador

Ecuadorians are happy people

They work hard and they are strong

And I am definitely happy to be with them


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